Interested in making a reservation at Plumb?  Call or text us at 518-855-1520 for an immediate response.  Or, feel free to use the form below.  Please note that we have a variety of seating options available -- tables for multiple pay sizes, a cocktail bar,  and an oyster bar.  To guarantee specific seating, please be sure to give us a call.  Let us know if you are coming to Plumb for something special — the Plumb Staff can’t wait to be part of your celebration! 

Request a reservation. 

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Are you celebrating? Would you like to sit at the oyster bar? Let us know!

Parties of 6 or more will be charged an automatic 18% gratuity.

If a reservation is made for a party of 6 or more and only a portion of the party shows an auto gratuity will still be charged. 

Tables held for 30 minutes after the agreed upon time of reservation will be charged a 5% service fee.