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Blackberry Point Blackberry Point, PEI

mild sweetness juxtaposed by medium-high salinity in the finish


Chef’s Creek, Northeast Side of Vancouver Island - British Columbia, Canada

slightly briny with full meat and a lettuce finish


Connecticut Bluepoint, Long Island Sound

full and possess a mild to medium level of salinity


Conway Royals, Western Shores of Malpeque Bay - Prince Edward Island, Canada

medium salt with a rounded granite finish


Eel Lake, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

plump meats with a crunchy texture and a distinct grassy finish


Gigamoto Baynes Sound British Columbia, Canada

sweet and sour brine with a gentle mineral finish


Katama Bay, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

a salt bomb with a sweet-as-candy finish


Kumamoto Oakland Bay, WA

mild brininess, sweet flavor and a honeydew finish


Kusshi Deep Bay, BC

robust and full of meat with a sweet cucumber finish


Malpeque, Northwestern shores of Malpeque Bay, PEI, Canada

moderate brine with a meaty bite and a quick, clean finish


Mystic Noank, Connecticut

Full and firm meat and a medium salinity


Paradise, Deep Bay, Southern Baynes Sound, BC

sweet brine with a creamy meat and light citrus finish


Peter’s Point, Onset, MA

super-savory Atlantic brine


Pink Moon, New London Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada

creamy meat with a perfect balance of salt and mineral on the finish


Red Head Great South Bay Long Island, NY

plumb mild with a medium salinity


Shooting Point Salt Quinby Inlet, VA

slightly sweet plump meats, and an incredible pure brine finish


St. Simon, Saint Simon Bay/Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada

dynamic cool and sharp brine, with supple meat and a sweet mineral finish


Summerside  Northwestern Prince Edward Island, Canada

plump, clean, and elegant


Sun Hallows, Hood Canal, WA

medium; sweet & mildly salty with an almond finish


Wellfleet, Wellfleet, MA

plump meats with a mild, sweet flavor, high brininess and a crisp, clean finish