Gigamoto Oyster

The Gigamotos we carry are a cocktail size -- the smallest grade available. It's typically the most popular size because they're considered a boutique oyster like a Kumamoto, so like it's cousin, they also come in around 2".

Shuckability is great on these beauties. Shells are consistent, shape is good, and shell isn't too hard to open, especially since there is no shell breakage. What the shell revealed underneath was a beautiful, creamy, and plump meat. And the taste was amazing. Sweet and crunchy like a British Columbia oyster, but had a nice briny ocean finish that was really pleasant. All the flavors were really well balanced. The only thing I was upset about was that they weren't bigger or more for me to eat! Super yummy. Highly recommend as a West Coast pick.

Harvest Locations
Baynes Sound - British Columbia, Canada

Size and Availability
2.5 inches | Year-round

Flavor Profile
Sweet and sour brine with a gentle mineral finish

Flavor Influenced By 

  • Salinity: 2.8% < 3.5% full oceanic salinity
  • Tides: Medium tides with some freshwater input
  • Bottom Makeup: Pea gravel

Growout Method
Cultured/beach-grown and tumbled to mimic the looks of Kumamoto's. Harvested by hand.