Whistle Pig Straight Rye, Orange, Fee Brothers Bitters, and Cinnamon Aroma
+ $2 with Whistle Pig Farmstock

Rose, Skinos, Vinegar and Lemon

Pamplemousse, Vodka, and Prosecco

Bitter Man
Agave Gin, Amaro, Scotch, and Rosso Vermouth

Sucre Sour
Sigani, Yuzu, Egg Whites, and Cucumber

Vodka, Gin, Vanilla, Creme de Violette and Paprika Oil

Sanoma County Distillery Flight
1oz each of Cherrywood Rye, 2nd Chance Wheat Whisky. and Bourbon No. 1



+$2 for Martini w/ Montanaro Vermouth

Apostoles Gin, Buenos Aires, Argentina~$11

Blue Gin, Axberg, Austria~$10

Few Breakfast Gin, Evansville, Illinois~$11

Gin Mare, Catalonia, Spain~$12

Ransom Gin, Willamette Valley, Oregon~$10

Smugglers Notch, Jeffersonville, Vermont~$9

Tom Cat Gin, Hardwick, Vermont~$11



+$2 for Martini

Axberg, Axberg, Austria~$11

Helix, Champagne, France~$9

Heroes, Frankfort, Kentucky~$9

Pick Six Vodka-Saratoga Springs, New York~$10

Pristine Vodka, Kiev, Ukraine~$11


Bourbon and Rye

+$2 in Manhattan w/ Antica Vermouth

+$2 Old Fashioned

AD Laws Rye, Denver, Colorado~$13

Barrel Bourbon, Georgetown, Kentucky~$17

Beer Barrel Bourbon, Holland, Michigan~$10

Filibuster Bourbon, Mauretown, Virginia~$12

Flag Hill Bourbon, Lee, New Hampshire~$13

Nor’easter Bourbon, Nantucket, Massachusetts~$11

Rough Rider Rye, Baiting Hollow, New York~$10

Sonoma County Bourbon, Rohnert Park, California~$12

Stillhouse Bourbon, Brooklyn, New York~$14

Whistle Pig 10yr Rye, Shoreham, Vermont~$17

Whistle Pig Farmstock, Shoreham, Vermont~$19


Tequila and Mezcal

+$2 dollars in Margarita

Azteca Azul Blanco--Jalisco, Mexico~$~9

Gracias Dios Mezcal-Oaxaca, Mexico~$11

Fidencio Mezcal-Oaxaca, Mexico~$10

Dos Alas Anejo--Jalisco, Mexico~$12

Pueblo Viejo Blanco--Jalisco, Mexico~$11

Siembra Valles Reposado--Jalisco, Mexico~$12